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Jay -This is a dream that has been in the works ever since Owner Chef Jay attended culinary school in New York City. He has brought his skills and training from being a professional chef in NYC back to his home town, and Owns Stay Glazed... Donuts as well as Storm Rhum Bar. Jay and his family are thrilled to be located in Downtown Asheville where they can serve and give back to the community they grew up in. Thank you to all family, friends and community for the continued support on this venture.  

Jay gets a kick out of the "weird flavors" and gets a little chuckle with some of his ideas.  And peep the socks never know whats going on there.


Behind the Scenes- 

  -Roger "Doger" (GDR) is the dude that shows up and has learned Jays techniques and keeps the donut 'hole?' rolling. 

 -Ronnie "Ron Jon Holyfield" (Rigged) has been there since day 1 and really is the glue behind the scenes.  Ronnie runs the day to day and is always quite the handyman (just give him a steady supply of tape and hot glue)

-Friends and Family,  Chuck is our fearless co owner and is there for everything we need.  Robin is just amazing and keeps us all sane.  Megan  keeps Jay on the right track and motivated to continuously use his creativeness. Baxter (will eat all the sprinkles)

not to mention the amount of friends that have helped along the way.  We love you all!!

Get Glazed, Stay Glazed,

Be Dope!

Sloth-  Its just a sloth, its awesome, 'nuff said.

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Chef Jay Medford sprinkles sugar on top of a fresh doughnut
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